Compensation for Damage

The Firm offers adequate advice in the matter of compensation for damages, formulating and supporting the reparatory claim in favor of the client in court and out of court. The situations from which compensable damage can result are manifold: employment relationship (mobbing, demotion, illegitimate dismissal), accident (road accidents or accidents at work due to the absence of essential safety measures), medical error, family (even the family relationships can be an occasion for committing an offense, with consequent damage to a relative, spouse or child), defamation, contractual breach, ruined vacation, banks and public administration. Exemplifying, we distinguish the damage of a financial nature (emerging damage, loss suffered, loss of profit, loss of earnings):
  • Damage caused by contractual breach;
  • Damage from accident or road accident;
  • Invalidity caused by medical liability;
  • Non-fulfillment of the obligation to maintain the spouse or children;
From non-pecuniary damage, both in contractual and non-contractual liability (internal suffering, physical and mental disability, deterioration of a person's quality of life):
  • Biological damage;
  • Moral damage;
  • Existential damage.
The variety of situations envisaged is testimony to the complexity of the material, which requires established experience in order to be able to take appropriate action. The Law Firm, with dedication and constant updating, working to obtain full and complete refreshment for the customer, provides qualified advice on the most appropriate actions to take.

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