With the skills acquired by its members over many years of forensic experience, the Firm assists its clients in causes related to the company.
Mediations, assisted negotiation and arbitration
The Firm assists the client in all alternative dispute resolution procedures, as well as in ritual, irritual and administrative arbitrations according to the rules of the most famous Italian and international Arbitration Chambers.
National and international disputes
The Firm provides assistance in all types of national and international causes, including before higher courts, European and international courts.
Civil offences
We protect businesses and consumers against product liability. We assist with all professional responsibilities, including medical responsibilities. We deal with all types of damage caused by the movement of vehicles, boats, rail and air transport, as well as all types of damage resulting from environmental and occupational accidents. We also assist in the protection of reputation and defamation on all communication platforms.
IT and intellectual property
The Firm assists customers with the protection of copyright, trademarks, patents, models and industrial designs, as well as the protection of know-how. We provide protection for all aspects of patent and information technology systems.
The Firm handles national and international disputes relating to any type of commercial contract (contracts, licensing agreements, distribution, shipping and transport contracts, investment contracts, jont venture contracts, supply contracts, etc.).
Real Estate
The Firm provides assistance in disputes relating to any type of real estate transaction, protection of possession and ownership, protection of leases and all real estate financing contracts. Collaboration with national and international investment funds - S.G.R.
The Firm provides assistance for all types of national and international litigation relating to corporate relationships, M&A, breaches of shareholders' agreements, directors' liability and corporate financing.
The Firm assists national and international companies as well as policyholders involved in all types of litigation relating to damage, disasters, major risks, including environmental risks.
The Firm deals with assistance in all types of tax litigation before the Courts and higher courts.
Family law, inheritance and trusts
The Firm provides assistance in separation and divorce procedures, family agreements and asset protection. We also assist minors. We are involved in numerous inheritance disputes and the regulation of the distribution of the estate.

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