La Storia
Studio Legale Meliadò

The Meliadò Law Firm, founded by Mr. Giuseppe Meliadò in 1960, has been operating for over 30 years mainly in the scope of Corporate and International Law, through global assistance aimed at the prevention and resolution of all types of business criticalities.
The Firm boasts among its Clients Italian and foreign multinational companies, Real Estate and Pharmaceutical Investment Funds, Public Participation Companies, Italian and foreign PMIs (SMEs.).
The Firm is specialized in providing legal support to companies aimed at:

  • prevent causes through careful contractual and pre-contractual assistance, preparation of standard contracts and general terms and conditions of national and international contracts in Italian and English;
  • assistance in the internationalization of companies both through its offices in Rome, Milan and Sofia and through its network of partner firms in Switzerland, Kazakhstan, England, Germany, France, Poland, Serbia, Belarus, Russia, Greece and the U.S.A.;
  • M & A (the Firm, inter alia, has a specialized staff in performing due diligence);
  • Assistance in franchising contracts;
  • assistance in setting up A.T.I., R.T.I. and Pools;
  • support in public tenders, both in the preparation of tender and post-tender documents;
  • analysis, interpretation and practical application of new regulatory measures and related assistance in the modification of standard contracts;
  • legal assistance before the Ordinary and Administrative Judges and before the Supreme Judges;
  • overcoming situations of corporate crisis through the adoption of "minor" consortium procedures and assistance in composition and bankruptcy proceedings;
  • consultancy, problem-solving and contentious in labour law matters;
  • contracts and agency relationships;
  • Art Law;
  • mediation and family counselling;
  • assistance before the Guarantor of Telecommunications and Electricity and Gas Authority;
  • assistance in procedures pursuant to Law 231/01, O.D.V. through a Qualified Firm Professional and ISO Certificate;
  • assistance in credit recovery procedures.
This last activity is, in a first phase, credit management and monitoring through its own staff (the "Implant") which, if necessary, is included in the Client's structure and which supports the Credit Manager and, where necessary, the Financial Director.
In this way the continuity and speeding up of credit recovery times in case of default and subsequent execution phase is ensured.
The Team, through the ITS® software, a program created specifically for the Firm, offers to the Client, in real time, continuous information on the files received in foster care; in particular, the Client can access at any time the system with his own password and check the status of the file (foreclosure, injunction, sales, opposition proceedings), all phases of the monitoring and execution procedure, all the documentation in the file, the entrusted amount for recovery for each file and the total amount of the files, the amounts recovered for each file and the amounts recovered as a whole, the interest accrued, the recovery time, the monthly and average DSO, and, more generally, to receive monthly or quarterly reports for individual files, groups of files and for all files as a whole, in order to have an updated situation of the amount of receivables entrusted for recovery, the amount recovered for capital, interest and charges, the upturn and the costs of recovery activities.
The economic sectors mainly followed by the Firm are:
  • Automotive and logistics;
  • Facility management;
  • Railway;
  • Waste collection, storage, transformation and logistics;
  • Hospital and pharmaceutical (industrial and commercial);
  • GDO;
  • Yachting;
  • I.T.;
  • Insurance;
  • Real Estate;
  • Infrastructure and Major Works;
  • Art;
  • Franchising
  • The Firm's clients are both multinational companies, both Italian and foreign, as well as Large Enterprises and SMEs, and the Firm also has consulting relationships with foreign and domestic Investment Funds and Venture Capital.

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